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5.0 star rating


I love this place.  This is the type of place that might not have the best store front at first glance, but you need to go in and try it.  Their Shwarma is made from real chicken and you can just tell its top quality and authentic.  It’s very juicy and flavorful.  The reast of the menu is great too.  They also have a great fresh Mediterranean salad bar that comes with most dishes.  Must try this place, it’ll be better than you expect.
Also- very impressed with their Web development for such an authentic smaller restaurant… Good job on the mobile site.


  • Review from Tina G.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    4.0 star rating


    Clean! Friendly service! Tasty food!
    The Falafel is fresh and seasoned perfectly. Their Hummus is very creamy. The Chicken Shawarma (they also have Lamb on some days) is my new favorite. It is seasoned well and very fresh tasting. I usually get sandwiches because they are filling and the platters have too much food for me to eat a lunch. Both the sandwiches and platters come with a salad and a very fresh, thick, warm pita.
    I highly suggest visiting this place!


  • Review from Nancy W.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating


    This is by far the best falafel I’ve ever had, plus it’s gluten free! I’ve passed by Pita Pocket numerous times but never had the chance to stop in. Didn’t realize what I was missing out on in the Northeast!
    Going in for the first time today, I was given a plate to sample what was on the menu. Everything was amazing! It made it extremely difficult to decide what I wanted. I ended up getting a falafel with hummus on pita and added random selections from the salad bar.
    The service was great and the environment is very welcoming! This is definitely a place that I will be returning to!


  • Review from Natalie A.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating


    You know how you drive past a place and wonder what it’s like inside.  This was the place.  Everytime it would just stir up thoughts of ‘one day I’ll try it out’. And, so it was this day I discovered a gem!
    I tried the falafel there. It was absolutely delicious!  I had the nerve to drive home as I was eating this thing!  I kept saying to myself ‘this is Heaven! this is Heaven!’, like I have Tourette’s. It was so fresh and seasoned so right! The bread was on point, they must make it fresh!
    This has to be the best falafel I have ever tasted. I haven’t had Mamoun’s (NYC) in a long time, but I think this has to be better.   They have a bar where you can take pickled items which was also very fresh so to compliment your entree.
    I’m going to have to make a drive out here one of these days again before I bounce out of Philly!

  • Review from Abhishek G.

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    Wyncote, PA

    5.0 star rating

    Updated – 11/17/2012

    Very friendly ..fresh food..Adel will walk that extra mile to make your experience special..he adds that homely welcome feel you miss these days at small restaurants ..give it a try..u won’t be dissappointed


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      7/3/2012I just have one word to say about this place-AWESOME..:)


  • Review from C G.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating


    I love Pita Pocket Eatery!  I bet it has the best schwarma in the area.  It’s chicken,  which I’ll eat (no veal for me).  The falafel is delicious, all dishes are very generous and it is a warm, homey place.  Adel and Ron are welcoming and warm and besides the normal falafel etc., they make a great hibiscus drink, lentil soup.  Oh, also good salads.


  • Review from Ian F.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating


    Eat Eggplant Sandwich!
    I love this place! It has better falafel than Saad’s Halal in West Philly!
    A gem in a crappy strip mall on the edge of the suburbs . . .


  • Review from Ron L.

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    Wyncote, PA

    5.0 star rating


    A friend recommended Pita Pocket, even though he’s generally a meat-lover. My wife wanted to go somewhere for my birthday, but we had time constraints, and I picked Pita Pocket.
    My wife wanted meat, and knew from these reviews and the website that chicken was available (as schwarma, meat ground and spiced and cooked on a spit), and asked for a schwarma sandwich to get chicken.  Ron (the owner) explained that they only got meat when they could get it of the quality they wanted, and they had no chicken today, but only lamb.  Even better!  Her sandwich was enormous, rich in flavor (with hummus and a tzatziki-like dressing).
    I had the falafel platter, and found it excellent: lots of hummus (with ollives for garnish), unbelievably fresh and soft warm pita, and tasty crispy falafel.  For salad, there’s a self-serve garnish/salad bar. (More than one serving of the excellent vegetable offerings would have left little room for the falafel platter.)
    We had stopped by once before, and left because the “Vegetarian” sign put my wife off.  I’m sorry we did, and happy that we went back: I now want to try their sandwiches/platters, one-by-one, just to get the different flavors.  (Sabich, for instance, is a pita with hummus, hard-boiled egg, and (marinated?) eggplant: that’ll be my next meal there.)


  • Review from rich b.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating


    Could be the best falafel.ever! Got the platter. You get 8 falafel balls humus.pita, Plus you get to make your own salad.Cabbage and carrots,roasted red peppers,chopped tomato &cukes,pickles,sauerkraut, olives. barley, beans, giardniera and some amazing  flavorful house made hot sauce. More food than I could eat at one sitting! Great humus. Must try something different next time.. maybe. So glad I found this place. Don’t let the outside surroundings fool you. This place is a must try!


  • Review from Eboni F.

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    Metairie, LA

    3.0 star rating

    7/31/2012 2 photos 1 Check-in Here

    If i could rate the cook then this would be a 5 star review….but its not. Its based on the food. I’m sorry but Moaz is waaaaaaay better. The veg was definitely fresh but the tziki sauce was watery, the falafel and hummus were bland. Best part of the falafel platter was the whole wheat pita. The pita is really good! Glad I tried it though. If you cant make downtown to moaz, then maybe as a lasr resort. But only if I’m desperate and live close would I go again…


  • Review from Pamela M.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating


    Ok so first off, I haven’t tried this place, but since my husband doesn’t use the computer that much, I will write one for him. HE LOVES THIS PLACE! He is taking me here for the first time tonight. He says it’s one of the best places to eat a falafel in Philly and we’ve traveled to israel and eaten many authentic falafels. The owner is wonderful and warm to every customer. Keep it goin’!
    EDIT: I finally went to Pita Pocket instead listening to my husband tell me how awesome it is, I can tell you! WOW! Their shwarma is amazing and I can’t wait to visit again! The owner came up and spoke with my father in law for about 10 minutes just in conversation and was so sweet! My hubby is now in love with shwarma because I made him try it instead of having the falafel, but he was very happy he listened to me!


  • Review from Capella I.

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    5.0 star rating

    4/27/2011 2 Check-ins Here

    My boyfriend & I had a craving for falafel, however we realized there are not many places in montgomery county that have decent falafels; the ones we’ve had were in the city. After yelping this & realizing it was not even 10min from my house we headed over there.
    NOM NOM NOM. So good. Everything was fresh & falafels were made to order. Salad bar was provided to dress your food anyway you liked. Fresh potatoes were used for the fries they served. The staff was very friendly. You can tell when people care about the food they are making and this is one small business I definitely plan on supporting and returning to.


  • Review from Estee R.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    5.0 star rating

    3/8/2011 2 Check-ins Here

    Everything here is SO fresh & delicious! The owner is SUCH a sweet man; he is so patient with me when I try to pronounce everything and he let’s me try everything before I purchase it. It pays off – because I end up buying it!!
    I’ve had the Falafel, hummus, baba ganoush (mashed eggplant), baklava, halva (ground sesame seeds, honey, & other ingredients), & natural cut fries. ALL have been delicious!
    Today I tried Falafel Sabich; He just added it to the menu today! 😀 It had 4 Falafels, hummus, sliced roasted eggplant, sliced hard boiled eggs, & he suggests you get just pickels & cabbage off the saad bar.  Sounds like a crazy combo but OH MY GOODNESS! AMAZING combination & SHEESH! What a HEAVY sandwich! I’m WAY passed full!
    I ALWAYS get an extra bag of whole wheat pita’s to take home.
    Definitely give this place a shot! He adds new things all the time!


  • Review from Myndi W.

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    Little Falls, NJ

    5.0 star rating


    Pita Pocket has the best falafel I’ve ever eaten, hands down.  Fresh, homemade, with just the right taste and texture. The other dishes I’ve had are great as well, and the middle eastern salad bar is great plus. Adel is a really nice guy, and made us feel at home the entire time we were there. The place isn’t much to look at, but if you get the chance to go inside, you won’t regret it.


  • Review from john r.

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    Wyncote, PA

    4.0 star rating


    I’ve driven past this place many times but for some reason felt like it might be kinda sketchy. Well, we went today, and boy was I wrong.
    My family and I were greeted by Adel the chef as we walked in. I immediately had a sense that this guy knew what he was doing. The menu was simple, but complete. Falafel was homemade and fresh. Side/salad bar and lots of fresh extras like picked radish and hibiscus sangria.
    Long story short, I’m super glad I stopped in there today. I had a major hankering for some fresh falafel and Adel made my day. Kids also chowed on the fresh humus, babaganoush, pita and olives. This place is almost 5 stars. Maybe I’ll change it to 5 after my next visit.


  • Review from Scott G.

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    Philadelphia, PA

    4.0 star rating

    Updated – 11/21/2011

    The falafel was nice and crunchy but good and soft on the inside. When handed the humus and tahina filled pita you are directed to the salatim bar to fill-up with whatever you would like.
    The salads are fresh, the falafel are good.
    The decor inside and out has MUCH to be desired. But, based on food: this place is great.
    There is a schwarma spit in the corner waiting to be plugged in. Apparently they’ll lose their Vegetarian exclusivity, but I think most their clientele will be very pleased. I will be.


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